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Highlights from chat 3.17.10 Social Media and Reporting

Q1 What role does verifying accuracy play when you report with social media sources?

GreerMcDonald Q1. It’s massive, if not everything. Too easy to get excited and swept up, but end product fails if accuracy isn’t at the base #wjchat

vanguardiste Q1 Verifying accuracy is more important than ever. With a faster news cycle, the pressure is heavy, but better accurate than fast. #wjchat

emmacarew it all boils down to this: RT @hubertallen Q1 If I can’t verify, don’t use. #wjchat

Chat 3.17.10 Social Media and Reporting

Highlights from Chat 3.10.10: Numbers: Not the Nightmare You Think They Are

Q1: What role does data play in your job?

Chronotope: Data is always useful, especially good for enriching content and framing stories. #wjchat

gotoPlanB: Q1. Numbers play bigger role than most realize. Every study and budget meeting is framed based on numbers. #wjchat

tchance121: #wjchat Q1 Data plays a big role. Esp. in small community papers. Transparency goes a long way here. Esp. with school budget cuts. big help.

10000words: @tchance121 Don’t…

Chat 3.24.10 Law + Web Journalism

Law + Web journalism

Join us 5-7 p.m. PST on March 24 for a chat about law in the cyberage.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The blogger/journalist debate
  • How to handle corrections
  • Libel, lawsuits….
  • and much more!

As always, send a tweet to @wjchat is you have questions you’d like answered!

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