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Chat 4.14.10 Anonymous Comments

Chat 4.7.10 Social Media, Branding and Ethics

Chat 3.31.10 The Future of Journalism: New Business Models

The Future of Journalism: New Business Models

Join us 5-7 p.m. PST on April 1 for a chat about business models in journalism.

Moderated by @digidave.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Are paywalls helping or hurting us?
  • Should news sites be non profit or for profit?
  • Who should be funding media? Government? Corporations?
  • and much more!

As always, send a tweet to @wjchat is you have questions you’d like answered!

Highlights from chat 3.24.10: Law + Web Journalism

Q1 Are bloggers journalists? Legally, do they and other Web folks have reporter privileges?

jacklerner (Jack Lerner) The privilege isn’t defined in CA law, but at least 1 court has held that it applies to anyone gathering and disseminating news. #wjchat

Oops, meant to say the term “reporter” isn’t defined in CA law #wjchat

eff (EFF) What makes a journalist a journalist is whether she is gathering news, not the method or medium she uses to publish #wjchat

eff (EFF)…

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