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Chat 2.24.10: Beyond the Story

2010-02-25T03:55:57Z redoingmedia (RedoingMedia) @pdxjoe saw that referenced on #wjchat tonight… 2010-02-25T03:43:16Z nhanus (Nancy Hanus) Great to see that many active participants in tonight’s #wjchat were college students or recent grads. Lots of talent out there. 2010-02-25T03:36:30Z RobinJP (Robin Phillips) @KelseyProud thanks for your input tonight.. great to meet you. #wjchat 2010-02-25T03:32:42Z RobinJP (Robin Phillips) RT […]

Chat 2.17.10 Speaking Geek

2010-02-18T03:59:56Z moorehn (Heidi N. Moore) RT @kegill: RT @yelvington: @Chronotope Journos who don’t want to learn about the Web? They’re called “early retirees.” #wjchat | sad but true 2010-02-18T03:52:10Z michelleminkoff (Michelle Minkoff) @MacDivaONA Ooh, that Jquery vid series looks helpful! Thanks for that, and all your helpful comments during #wjchat. Great to “see” you. 2010-02-18T03:42:38Z […]

Chat 2.10.10: Who is a Web Journo?

I know, it’s not necessarily the prettiest thing in the world, but we’re working on it 2010-02-11T04:29:03Z I_Do_web (Birdone.com) that was for Q4, sorry, but i’ll also add, SEO and semantic web stuff, data portability and metadata #wjchat 2010-02-11T04:03:06Z f32images (Pam Kelso) RT @killbutton: @KelseyProud Supportive leadership is a must for any field. Celebrate failure, […]