Chat 10.3.12 Debate Watching Party!

2012-10-04T00:07:15Z LiciBev (Lici Beveridge) @wjchat Lici here. Popping in and out. Miss everybody. #wjchat 2012-10-04T00:07:42Z keithlovebug (keithlovebug) RT @webjournalist: RT @webjournalist: Reminder: Tonight’s #wjchat is a Presidential Debate Watching Party! We’ll informally kick it off soon. Debate begins … 2012-10-04T00:10:16Z KyleMJ6977 (Kyle Jones) RT @LiciBev: RT @LiciBev: @wjchat Lici here. Popping in and out. Miss […]

Chat 9.26.12 Post-Conference Braindump

2012-09-27T00:00:31Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 135th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. #wjchat 2012-09-27T00:00:48Z naudsie (Naudia J) All right! Got my fried rice and donuts and now it’s time for MasterChef Australia and #wjchat. 2012-09-27T00:00:48Z Reporting1Suzi (Suzi Steffen) #J361 #J361NN: If you want to participate in #wjchat tonight, I suggest you […]