Chat 5.16.12 Turning digital engagement into IRL action

2012-05-17T00:00:09Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 117th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. 2012-05-17T00:00:32Z wjchat (wjchat) Tonight #wjchat is talking about turning digital engagement into IRL action. 2012-05-17T00:00:47Z wjchat (wjchat) Our hosts are @SeeClickFix’s CEO and Co-Founder @benberkowitz and dir of client relations @emma_says. #wjchat 2012-05-17T00:01:27Z wjchat (wjchat) Let’s start! Please introduce […]

Chat 5.9.12 Sound and web journalism

2012-05-10T00:00:21Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 116th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. 2012-05-10T00:00:55Z wjchat (wjchat) Tonight #wjchat is talking Audio + web journalism with guest host @Manolo 2012-05-10T00:01:45Z amartinmedia (Alex J. Martin) I’m rallying! RT @mdeziel: @amartinmedia hope you’re not too sick for #wjchat tonight! 2012-05-10T00:01:55Z RobinJP (Robin J Phillips) RT […]

Chat 5.2.12 Accelerating the #pubmedia accelerator

Note: This is not our usual transcript…the robot failed, but luckily Corey created a storify. We’ll use this unless we get the robot to spit out the right transcript [View the story “Accelerating The Public Media Accelerator on #wjchat” on Storify]

Chat 4.25.12 The new role of scoops in the digital age

2012-04-26T00:00:16Z wjchat (wjchat) Ding Ding. It’s 5 in the west, 8 in the east. It’s Wednesday night so it must be time for #wjchat 2012-04-26T00:00:31Z ShortFormErnie (Ernie Smith) Psyched to take part in #wjchat this week. Tweeting a lot in next two hours, but high signal:noise ratio. Promise. 2012-04-26T00:00:33Z AliManzano (Alexandra Manzano) RT @wjchat: Ding […]