Chat 8.24.2011 Your role in the future of mobile journalism

2011-08-25T00:00:48Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 79th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. 2011-08-25T00:00:57Z Mayssia (Mayssia Elajami) Hello everyone..I’m not on the mobile tonight..Im on the computer and can hear the thunder overhead! Sounds awesome! makes me want.. #wjchat 2011-08-25T00:01:01Z garethoconnor (Gareth O’Connor) tuning into #wjchat on mobile news : @marcsettle 2011-08-25T00:01:08Z […]

Chat 8.17.2011 Managing the digital newsroom during a natural disaster

2011-08-18T00:00:59Z wjchat (wjchat) Ding Dong! It’s 5 in the west 8 in the east. It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for #wjchat 2011-08-18T00:02:00Z Mayssia (Mayssia Elajami) RT @wjchat: Ding Dong! Its 5 in the west 8 in the east. Its Wednesday, so that means its time for #wjchat 2011-08-18T00:02:19Z ianhillmedia (ianhill) Quick plug: check […]

Get a discount to attend BlogWorld & New Media Expo!

Thanks to a partnership with BlogWorld, #wjchat ters can get a discount to attend the largest new media conference, which will be held in Los Angeles on November 3-5, 2011. Use these discount codes when you register: JOURNO20 = 20% Off Conference passes JOURNO50 = 50% Off Expo passes Details and convention registration here: […]

Chat 8.10.11 Refining our craft

2011-08-11T00:01:16Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 77th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. 2011-08-11T00:01:39Z lisa123marie (Lisa Robbins) RT @journtoolbox: Very helpful: AP has created a style guide for journalists covering 9/11 10th anniversary: #911 #9/11 #journalism #wjchat 2011-08-11T00:02:04Z wjchat (wjchat) Tonight we’re going hostless: It’s an open chat all about refining […]

Chat 8.3.2011 Verifying sources in real time

2011-08-04T00:01:19Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 76th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. 2011-08-04T00:01:22Z adampopescu (Adam Popescu) @ShawnMayberry @webjournalist @ap_sims I don’t think #newspapers are dying. Good pts on the link but, #news is here to stay #wjchat 2011-08-04T00:01:35Z TheoSyslack (Theo Syslack) Hey, look! It’s time for #wjchat! Beware non-journalists. It’s tweeting’ […]