Chat 11.24.10: Thanks for #wjchat

2010-11-25T01:00:08Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 42nd episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. Topic: Questions from the crowd where you’re all hosts! 2010-11-25T01:00:09Z annatauzin (Anna Tauzin) Getting ready for #wjchat. Girl Talk on the iTunes. Cider at the ready. I apologize now for the flurry of tweets coming up. 2010-11-25T01:00:34Z webjournalist (Robert […]

Chat 11.17.10 Regarding errors: Corrections online

2010-11-18T01:06:32Z wjchat (wjchat) Sorry guys – Starting late. On a slim staff tonight! #wjchat 2010-11-18T01:10:28Z wjchat (wjchat) Bear with us folks… might have lost our work. #wjchat 2010-11-18T01:11:24Z SaleemChat (Saleem Khan) Who’s here? #WJCHat 2010-11-18T01:12:46Z ryanjz (Ryan Zeigler) One-hour #wjchat Starts now! #wjchat 2010-11-18T01:12:49Z hbillings (Heather Billings) Hey, #wjchat. Sorry y’all are having technical glitches! […]

Chat 11.10.10 Hyperlocal: Hype or Hope?

2010-11-11T00:01:25Z webjournalist (Robert Hernandez) RT @wjchat: About an hour until the start of tonight’s #wjchat on hyperlocal sites w/ host @TracyRecord of @WestSeattleBlog 2010-11-11T00:06:29Z assignmentdesk1 (Dorrine Mendoza) RT @adamostrow: video from last night’s #cjhearst panel: #wjchat -ers, this is worth a look! #in 2010-11-11T00:08:48Z webjournalist (Robert Hernandez) RT @AssignmentDesk1: RT @adamostrow: video from last […]

Chat 11.3.10 The news ecosystem: Finding your niche

2010-11-04T00:00:31Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 39th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. #wjchat 2010-11-04T00:00:39Z wjchat (wjchat) Topic: The News Ecosystem: Finding your niche with writer @rsingel #wjchat 2010-11-04T00:01:11Z webjournalist (Robert Hernandez) RT @wjchat: Welcome to the 39th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. #wjchat 2010-11-04T00:01:47Z webjournalist (Robert […]

Chat 10.28.10 WJCHAT invades ONA10

(Apologies for getting this up late guys, my laptop died…..while at ONA) 2010-10-28T00:00:16Z jghellum (Jennifer Gaie Hellum) I may not be at #ONA10 yet, but at least I have #wjchat. :-) 2010-10-28T00:00:26Z SarahDayOwen (Sarah Day Owen) Sigh. Looking forward to reading everyone’s tweets during #wjchat, but super jealous I’m not at ONA! 2010-10-28T00:01:22Z wjchat (wjchat) […]