Chat 5.27.10: Catching Up With the News

2010-05-27T00:00:40Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 16th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. Tonight we’re talking about Web journalism. 2010-05-27T00:00:46Z BrianManzullo (Brian Manzullo) RT @aschweig: @wjchat lets talk about @publish2 and whether curation and new newswire-type tools can really disrupt the AP #wjchat 2010-05-27T00:00:53Z pgPoliTweets (Tracie Mauriello) RT @wjchat: Ten minutes till […]

Chat 5.19.10: Advocacy Journalism

2010-05-20T00:00:42Z wjchat (wjchat) Hello everyone it’s 5p.m. on the West Coast, it’s Wednesday, that means it’s time for #wjchat 2010-05-20T00:01:18Z wjchat (wjchat) Tonight’s topic is advocacy journalism and our guest moderator is @andysternberg #wjchat 2010-05-20T00:02:42Z wjchat (wjchat) Andy Sternberg / @andysternberg, is Dir of Interactive & Social Media for Live Earth. #wjchat 2010-05-20T00:02:58Z dblanchard (Dustin […]

Testing Google Wave again

When we first decided to create wjchat, we immediate went to Google Wave to test out the “promiseland” of collaboration… that land was filled with bugs. We quickly ditched it and moved to Etherpad. It worked perfectly… Google thought so too and bought Etherpad… but then shut it down in April. The good news was […]

Chat 5.5.10 SEO and Web Analytics

2010-05-06T00:00:30Z wjchat (wjchat) Welcome to the 13th episode of #wjchat, a weekly discussion for Web journalists. Tonight’s topic: SEO + Analytics 2010-05-06T00:00:43Z killbutton (Amira Dughri) Oooooh yeah, it’s #wjchat time! 2010-05-06T00:00:45Z kimbui (P. Kim Bui) Convinced the best SEO person I know, @financephi to join #wjchat tonight! and he doesn’t even like Twitter! 2010-05-06T00:00:48Z webjournalist […]