Chat 4.28.10 The One (Wo)man Band

2010-04-29T02:04:48Z suzanneyada (Suzanne Yada) Thanks all for the #wjchat! Am wondering: my friend @thomaswebbphoto just joined Twitter. Any good twitter chats for photogs? 2010-04-29T01:59:06Z AsianStig (Isaiah Narciso) @wjchat aw, I just missed it. #wjchat 2010-04-29T01:46:07Z SaleemChat (Saleem Khan) Signing off #WJChat and this account. You can find me at my main account @SaleemKhan . 2010-04-29T01:45:22Z […]

Recapping episode XI: How are today’s newsrooms driving Innovation?

Without a doubt, innovation is the key to the journalism industry’s survival. Whether it’s in the form of story telling or new revenue models, innovation will decide our future. But are our newsrooms conducive to support innovation? Are we willing to take risks? Do we even know how to measure successes? How the hell do […]

Chat 4.21.10 Innovation

2010-04-22T01:57:34Z KelseyProud (Kelsey Proud) @webjournalist #wjchat always pumps me up, and I love all of the new faces joining in, too. More people, more ideas, more betta’! :) 2010-04-22T01:54:28Z webjournalist (Robert Hernandez) Great #wjchat tonight… man, new faces and old friends… love that this idea is working. Spread the word! And go innovate! 2010-04-22T01:49:46Z NSlayton […]

Chat 4.14.10 Anonymous Comments

2010-04-15T02:53:53Z jontalton (jontalton) RT @RobinJP: In Seattle, I get attacked by right & left, but most are generally civil, as opposed to Phoenix #wjchat 2010-04-15T01:47:03Z BrianManzullo (Brian Manzullo) My take on anonymous commenting: http://bit.ly/c8Iez9 Chip in with your take, if you’d like! See you guys next week! #wjchat 2010-04-15T01:45:33Z jaosullivanx (Joseph O’Sullivan) On another note, […]

Chat 4.7.10 Social Media, Branding and Ethics

2010-04-08T02:23:04Z killbutton (Amira Dughri) Great read about human nature + objectivity + journalism http://bit.ly/bHQ1Q6 via @lavrusik #wjchat 2010-04-08T02:20:06Z RobinJP (Robin Phillips) RT @darthcheeta: Q7 be excellent to each other. #wjchat 2010-04-08T02:08:06Z RobertMoranLA (Robert Moran) RT @andysternberg: @SaleemChat agreed. J students should learn to write ledes on twitter. 120 characters + shorturl is the new headline. […]