Highlights from chat 3.3.10: Making it in (and Remaking) Web Journalism

Q1: What is competition like for young journos entering the world v. experienced journos now looking for jobs? emmacarew: #wjchat Q1 as a young journo facing heavy competition, it’s also hard to value yourself and not settle for a bad deal, seen as cheap labor KelseyProud: Q1 Tough, b/c you’re often going up against (sometimes) […]

Chat 3.03.10 Young Journalists Breaking Into The Industry

2010-03-04T03:59:18Z emmacarew (Emma Carew) I think the most interesting part of #wjchat was the range of folks participating. Thanks again to @kelseyproud and @webjournalist 2010-03-04T03:43:51Z webjournalist (Robert Hernandez) @martingawecki Glad you liked it! #wjchat #ascj 2010-03-04T03:43:21Z underoak (Andria Krewson) Skimmed #wjchat. Good stuff for any job seekers, like those at #clt job meeting. Archive: […]

Making It In (And Remaking) Web Journalism

Moderated by @kelseyproud. Join us 5-7 p.m. PST for a lively discussion on what it takes to get a job these days. We’ll be discussing: What do you need in your portfolio? How do you stand out in a sea of job seekers? anything you’ve wondered about job-seeking as a new (or new-ish) grad. Got […]