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Welcome to #jchat #wjchat

February 3, 2010 - Posted in #wjchat Updates , Web Journalism Posted by:

Inspired by the legendary #journchat, some five journalists looking for more decided to create #wjchat (originally #jchat), a new Twitter conversation focused solely on Web Journalism. We’ll be sharing experiences, skills, tech, tips and tricks. This is new and just beginning… we are still working out some kinks.

But here’s what you need to know.

The first #wjchat will be on Wednesday, February 10 at 5 p.m. PST.

The inaugural topic will be: What is the job of a Web Journalists & what skills do you need?

Moderated by: @webjournalist @wjchat

Any questions? Tweet it with the hashtag #wjchat or send a mention to @wjchat.


LilgirlBigVoice 8 years ago

Hell yeah! Let’s rock this!


Killbutton 8 years ago

Looks good Robert! Thanks for setting this up. Been looking for something like Jchat for months and months… and it’s finally happening! Woohoo! Go Jchat!


Robert 8 years ago

Credit goes to Kim for the design. I’m excited too… we need to have another run through for the chat. I need a better sense of how it should go.

Go jchat!


Suzi Steffen 8 years ago

GREAT idea. Except for the time, which is the same as the time for #editorchat. Hm, maybe I can flip back and forth between both … Also, I should say that #editorchat uses FriendFeed, which thus does not clog up people’s Twitter feeds. (I’m aware that FriendFeed is a little 2007, but it works well for chats!)

I’m looking forward to the inaugural chat and may invite my Reporting 1 students at the University of Oregon to participate (they certainly have to think about the skills they need for various online and mobile platforms!).

Suzi Steffen @suzisteffen and @reporting1suzi
Arts Editor, Eugene Weekly; Instructor, University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


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