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We just put up a page for all of the #wjchat archives. You can find it at the top of the Web site, or you can click here. We’ll update that page weekly with the full and highlight version of the archives, although the highlights will take a day or so to appear, as the […]

Chat 2.10.10: Who is a Web Journo?

I know, it’s not necessarily the prettiest thing in the world, but we’re working on it 2010-02-11T04:29:03Z I_Do_web (Birdone.com) that was for Q4, sorry, but i’ll also add, SEO and semantic web stuff, data portability and metadata #wjchat 2010-02-11T04:03:06Z f32images (Pam Kelso) RT @killbutton: @KelseyProud Supportive leadership is a must for any field. Celebrate failure, […]

Archives of #wjchat

Here you’ll find the full archives of our weekly #wjchat, as well as curated highlights. Please remember, it takes a bit to curate 2-hour chats, so highlights may take a day or so to appear here. Many thanks to @SLODeveloper for his help with the Twitter API. February 10, 2010 Topic: Who are web journos? […]

Welcome to #jchat #wjchat

Inspired by the legendary #journchat, some five journalists looking for more decided to create #wjchat (originally #jchat), a new Twitter conversation focused solely on Web Journalism. We’ll be sharing experiences, skills, tech, tips and tricks. This is new and just beginning… we are still working out some kinks. But here’s what you need to know. […]