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Highlights from chat 2.24.10: Beyond the Story

February 25, 2010 - Posted in Highlights , Web Journalism Posted by:

Here are some of the more note-worthy tweets from the Feb 24, 2010 chat about interactive and multimedia journalism.

On how you know it’s worth interactive:

KelseyProud Q1: Everything is “interactive” or should be via SM, but to make something visually so, must enrich MEANING, not “just to do it” #wjchat

10000words Great resource @mckennaewen I’d also suggest this interactive guide on selecting a medium #wjchat -5:12 PM

webjournalist Q1: I use the formula “Sweat vs. Payoff” – the business terms is ROI. #wjchat

Favorite Tools and Sources of Inspiration:

notblue Q2: Video & slideshows, always. We’re on a google maps kick right now. Also Vuvox and Swivel. #wjchat

catekustanczy @wjchat mind you, the single-most important thing in web journalism now (& taken for granted) is solid writing skills #wjchat

catekustanczy @dcecelia if you have no know-how in organizing that story tho, you’re sunk, in writing AND in online presentation. #wjchat

aschweig: @wjchat i like my #creativity with a side of #awesomesauce ;) #wjchat

KelseyProud Q3: I try to look at sites that have NOTHING to do with news, design blogs, artist blogs, ETSY, Museum sites, Intl. Sites, etc. #wjchat

michelleminkoff Q3:, information is, #wjchat

webjournalist Q3 Today, Google video, flash, multimedia inspiration and see what I find. I recently learned about and #wjchat

mckennaewen #wjchat I like using movie sites for inspiration. They usually have awesome interactives. Like #valentinesday: #wjchat

KelseyProud: @dcecelia Excellent point. However, I feel like good writing is for storytelling like good basic addition is for math: essential. #wjchat

catekustanczy @10000words inspiratn for creative online: the independents. artists. people who don’t work in journalism but enjoy sharing stories #wjchat -5:33 PM Feb 24th, 2010

What we’ve learned:

Walldo: @ethanklapper Flash and ‘breaking stories’ is an oxymoron #wjchat

jordanfifer @Walldo @ethanklapper Doesn’t have to be that way. Create a Flash template that can work in various scenarios for quicker publishing #wjchat

jordanfifer: @mhinojosa I think the most common mistake in multimedia is not doing it. Second most common: doing it. #wjchat

10000words: @wjchat @mhinojosa The most common mistakes I see are multimedia for multimedia’s sake and using the wrong tool to illustrate story #wjchat

jordanfifer: Q5. Dont reinvent the wheel. If someone does it better, model off them. If theres a free app, use it. #wjchat

dcecelia: @wjchat Q5: Don’t get too attached to one medium, and don’t use something to death just because you’re excited you learned it! #wjchat

webjournalist: Q5 Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Do multimedia with purpose, not for show (or awards). #wjchat

KelseyProud Q5 Don’t think like a journalist. Or a Web native. Think like your AUDIENCE, then produce/use tools accordingly. #wjchat

10000words: @wjchat @KelseyProud Were all losing our jobs anyway might as well experiment before were shown the door ;)

jasminlegatos @wjchat Q5 don’t lower your standards just cause something is going online. #wjchat

What’s in Your Backpack?

kimbui I still have a reporters notebook and 12 pens in my car. And a pencil. #wjchat

amysimons Sounds nuts, but pencil is KEY. In cold temps, pens freeze! RT @kimbui: I still have a reporters notebk & 12 pens in car & a pencil. #wjchat

mhinojosa @gotoPlanB good audio saves bad video , but bad audio kills good video, learn audio rules #wjchat

multimedialinks: Q7 – empathy is an important skill for a multi-journo to learn because it leads to access – a key for good storytelling #wjchat

@jrue: Im just going to come out and say it. is a great resource. Every newsroom should have one. #wjchat

For the coders:

hbillings @aschweig There’s no reason some journalists CAN’T be “heavy coders” (ie programmers).  It’s dangerous to think you can only be one. #wjchat

greglinch Q8: I recommend @SitePointdotcom for aspiring coders (like me!). They have excellent books/ebooks and a good blog [corrected] #wjchat

trubacca @mhinojosa Heh, we web developers do appreciate it when clients know what is and isn’t possible :-)  #wjchat

killbutton @trubacca That’s exactly why I want to learn… what CAN we do? and how? #wjchat

10000words @wjchat If you want to know which skills journos need, just read the jobs ads. Many require some sort of coding experience #wjchat


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